Short Documentary of the 2012 Mayan Theory

26 04 2008

Digg!Check this out… very interesting


Documentary on Ancient Alien Civilization on Earth

17 04 2008

Digg!Here is an interesting video documentary on the Nibiru alien theory that I found on YouTube. Definitely interesting watch. Enjoy.

Summary: Mayan Calender

15 04 2008

Digg!The Mayan theory is very intriguing and multifaceted approach to the 2012 Doomsday. This video shows a brief history about the Maya civilization and their cultures fascination with both astrology and Gods. The maya civilization is best know for several things: their accuracy of celestial bodies, brutality in the form of sacrifices to, primarily, the sun god, and most importantly the accuracy of calender.

Our concern is towards the Mayan Calender. Most people do not know that there is not only 1 calender, theres not even 2 calenders, but 3 complex and accurate calenders created by the Maya. The first calender was generally used as a template for the planning of crop cycles while the second, and more sacred calender was what most doomsday researchers refer to as the prediction calender.

Some researchers argue that the Mayan calender is even more accurate than our own present day calender which is a testament to the Mayans diligence in creating these unrivaled works of history.