Publication 2008

At this point, We’ve done over 5000 hours of research on this topic and am planning to release a publication or a doomsday book if you want to call it that. The doomsday book will be a collection of my entire research with in-depth analysis of each of the major theories. The Major theories that will be discussed will be: Biblical, Mayan, Nibiru (Planet X), and General Astrology. Concurrently, the publication will include anti-doomsday evidence going against the major theories. The publication will include all my resources that we have gathered over the years as well as FULL-LENGTH videos.

If you are interested in receiving this publication/doomsday book, please email me at: or leave a comment.

Thank you,
The DIGG Research Team


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30 04 2008

Im interested in receiving your resources. I am writing a research report on this subject. If have time, do you mind emailing me so we can chat? I attached my email. Thanks you. Shawson

7 07 2008
13 08 2008

they say u can see 2 suns in lower argintina already is this true?

13 08 2008


From my research, from Lower Argentina, Planet X (nibiru) is barely visible and appears in the sky as a glowing orb just over the horizon. Planet X may look like a second sun in the sky but rather is a planet.

7 09 2008
L. Krawitz

I would be very interested in your research in your publication as I am currently working on my doctoral thesis about modern day apocalyptic and messianic groups within mainstream monotheism.
I am very curious about your research and would like to see whether you have discovered if the Mayan 2012 prophecy shaped these groups messianic and apocalyptic beliefs and expectations in any discernible way, – and if so, to what extent.

I am sure that you are extremely busy, but it would be great to chat as well.

regards Lilian.

3 11 2008
tony hyde

I am very interested in this publication and would like to inquire this book/video.

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