Nibiru Theory (Planet X)

Digg!Planet X? Hypothesized as the 10th planet in our solar system is reported to be one and a half times the size of Pluto ( The phenomenon of Planet X has been researched since the late 1800’s as a way to explain the deviations in the obits of Neptune and Pluto. Current research shows that Planet X is on a 3600 year elliptical orbit, placing Planet X in Earths gravitational proximity in 2012 (planetxvideo).

According to the theory, on December 21, 2012, Planet X will be in the proximity of the Earth leading to catastrophic events. Although the exact implications of the Planet X “flyby” is unknown, latest research in Egyptian records has shown that the last Planet X “flyby” corresponds to the great flood of Noah. Many other theorist believe that the sinking of Altantis is another implication of the gravitation pull of Planet X during its “flyby”. It’s not a question of if Planet X will cause disaster, its a question of what disaster will Planet X cause. Are you prepared?

Here are a couple resources that help explain what Planet X is and how it ties into the Doomsday Theory

Planet X Video – A basic resource that gives an overview of the Planet X theory. Great Starter Page.

Nibiru and the Anunnaki – A more in-depth analysis of Nibiru (planet X) and its “inhabitants” the Anunnaki. This does have Planet X theories as well as alien type theories.

NASA Record of Planet X – This is from the NASA website. There isn’t that much information on this site but it portrays a proof of concept.

This list if far from complete, please check back later as I post up more resources.

If you do have anything to add or want to discuss, please either contact me: or leave a comment.


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6 05 2008

The Nibiru Theory (Planet X) theory is one of the least documented theories out there but I think its very significant. The question I pose to you is if there is interest in the Anunnaki, a theorized reptilian race inhabiting Nibiru? I haven’t really added a lot of my resources regarding the Anunnaki but if there is interest, I will begin to post and write information. Please comment and let the DDIG research know.

Thank you.

12 09 2008

Please send me an email about this supposed race inhabiting Planet X. It’s mighty cold out there for any kind of life.

Thank you.

15 10 2008
Taylon Grifffin

OH MY FUCKING GOD! See i don’t know if i should believe in Nibiru, because everone who believes in it all say the same things and don’t provide any facts for anyone. What’s up with that? Now it seems that everything “they” say is nothing but rumers. So what ever…until i get some real facts, i don’t believe it. Simple as that.

27 10 2008
Smart people

Nibiru does not exist. NASA has never discovered or detected Nibiru or anything remotely like it. The handful of dwarf planets that astronomers have discovered beyond Neptune are on stable orbits that will never come into the inner solar system, let alone threaten Earth. Nothing will happen in 2012. Nibiru is simply a fake, a hoax, the result of a small religious cult that is unfortunately scaring lots of people with totally false stories.

18 12 2008

south polo telescope photo planet nibiru

18 12 2008

south polo telescope photo big planet nibiru darkred star – nasa have a photo of eris this is a little planet like pluto

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