Mayan Astrological Theory

Digg!The Mayan Civilization maybe considered one of the most advanced for it time. The civilization was diligent in their historical record keeping, astrological understanding, mathematics, and ground-breaking architecture. Although not created by the Mayans, their writing, epigraphy, and calender creating advancements set the standard for future civilizations. The main theory behind the Mayan Doomsday prophecy lies in their calender.

Their calender consisted of a 260-day religous calender, twenty 30-day months with a separate 5 days at the end. The precise calenders were based upon careful observation of the planets, sun, and moon. For example, the Mayan atronomers calculated that a year contained 365.2420 days. Scientists now know that the Mayan year was .0002 of a day too short!The Maya worshiped a number of gods. For example, they believed that each day was a living god whose behavior could be predicted with the help of an intricate system of calendars. Their 260-day religious calendar consisted of twenty 13-day months. A second 365-day calendar consisted of eighteen 20-day months, with a separate period of 5 days at the end. The two calendars were linked together like meshed gears so that any given day could be identified in both cycles. The Maya used their calendars to help determine the best times to plant crops, attack enemies, or crown new rulers.

They have also predicted when the moon will rise and set and when it will be full moon. Scientists have known the precise moonrises and sets throught-out the modern day. When they studied the Mayan records of when the moonrise and moonsets would occure, scientists figured that the Mayan were 33 seconds off the actual time!!The Great Mayan Calender predicts many astrological events and some researchers say the Mayan calender is even more accurate than our own modern day calenders. The calender not only predicts astrological events but also events of triumph and disaster. Two of the more notable events predicted by the Mayan calender is coming of the Sun God Quetzalcoatl and 9/11 (yes thats correct… the terrorist attack on the United States). The calender predicted that the Sun God Quetzalcoatl would come to their land but not in peace, but anger. On that day, Spanish explorer Cortez discovered the Mayan civilization and fulfilled that prophecy of anger. Cortez eradicated the Mayan Civilization. In terms of 9/11… here is the translated message from the propheices of the Mayan Civilization:

“Great Birds will come from the sky and end a great city to the north at 9/11/01”

Could these great birds be planes? Could the city to the north be New York? We don’t know for sure but many researchers believe this is a direct prediction of the terrorist attacks.

Here are some interesting resources that are helpful for future examination of the Mayan Civilization and their prediction of Apocalypse in 2012.

Mayan Civilization Wiki – A starting website for new comers to the Mayan Civilization

Mayan Astronomy *New* – A semi-in depth analysis of the Mayan Calender, Mathematics, Writing and Astronomy

The Living Prophecy – One of my person favorite resources about astronomy and how it relates to the Mayan theory of year cycles. The resource has information about the Mayan Calender and the Great Cycles. It does relate information about how the great cycles are part of the 2012 Doomsday Prophecy.

The Real Doomsday – This is an astronomy based resource that hits on MAJOR 2012 Doomsday ideas such as the Wobble, Solar Maximums, Galactic Alignments, Barycenter, The Sun, and the Mayan Calender. Great Source.

Counter Point: Its all about 2012 – This is a counter argument for the December 21, 2012 Doomsday date predicted by the Mayan Calender. If you think the Mayan calender is rubbish, this is a good read.

This List of resources if far from complete, please check back to view new resources as I post.

If you do have anything to add or want to discuss, please either contact me: or LEAVE A COMMENT!!!


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27 10 2008
Smart people

Besides. Now is actually year 2001, if we would measure the time according to Jesus. There was a few years mistake at the beginning. You may also find this information from the elementary school book.

-Have a great day, far a way from these pages!

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