Asteroid Toutatis approaches Earth on December 12, 2012

7 07 2008

about 35 miles long, and its moon.
Caption and Image taken from
(Image courtesy of NASA/NSSDC).


Here is an excerpt from my upcoming PUBLICATION regarding the major doomsday theories and counter-doomsday theories.  I will be releasing Publication 2008 very soon.  The excerpt below is a debunking of Asteroid theories set forth by many theorist.  Their theory that particular asteroids are a CLEAR threat to the well-being of the human race contradicts recent data.  Many sites have been reporting on the recent data by the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard, which gives one the idea that the Asteroid Toutatis is going to be close enough to Earth to cause some global catastrophe on December 12, 2012. Even though I would like to believe this and report it as possible doomsday evidence, I remain objective and examined the data myself. According to the data (which can be found here: (Center for Astrophysics at Harvard), on December 12, 2012 the Asteroid Toutatis will be 0.04633 A.U. away from Earth. Oh my! Only 0.04633 AU! (sarcasm) That seems like such a small number so it must be the doomsday the asteroid. These other sites and doomsday theorists really believe you are unintelligent individuals and use that to feed you false information. We do things differently here at DDIG where we know you are capable and intelligent individuals that deserve non-bias factual information. So back to the information at hand… you might be asking yourself what is an AU? 1 A.U. is the average distance between the center of mass of the Earth and the center of mass of the Sun which comes out to be approximately, 92,955,807 miles or 1.496×10^11meters. Now we can use simple dimensional analysis to see actually how far the Asteroid is from the Earth.

0.04633 AU x 92955807 mi = 4,306,642 Mi away from the Earth.
2012 asteroid ….1 AU

So the Asteroid will be 4.3 x 10^6 mi away from the Earth… is that close? Lets put that in perspective by comparing that to Earth-Moon average distance. The Earth-Moon distance is 238,900 miles apart, meaning that the asteroid will be 18X the distance of the Earth to the Moon. In my opinion, thats not close enough to classify it as a Doomsday possibility… its even stretching it to call it a “close encounter”

Here is a LINK to the article which presents the information as if the Asteroid is going to impact (“cross”) the Earth. This is the source of my frustration towards data manipulating authors.

Beyond that point, lets examine other NEO’s (near-Earth objects). Based on the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard, the data suggests that there are at least 3 known NEO’s < 0.001 AU. The objects are identified by WN5, SB45, and Apophis will be in the Earth’s proximity June 2028, October 2037 and April 2027, respectively. WN5 and SB45 have distances around 0.0015 AU which gives them a distance of around 130,000 miles away from Earth. To put that in prospective, thats half the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Apophis has a distance of an 0.0002318 AU which coverts to 21547 miles away from the Earth! 21,547 miles is REALLY REALLY CLOSE. Could this be our Doomsday asteroid? Ill further examine dates in the Bible to make connections between Aprophis and the fire-filled Earth Biblical prophecies.

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1 09 2008
Skeptical Dude

From July of 1007 no one even commented on this? Why is that? Is this just BAD SCIENCE or is there something to this?

Is this reverse engineering of the doomsday prophesies or is there really something factual to all of this?

Let me know if you are an astronomer and have impericle evidence to support this…

15 11 2008
R. Raffield

What DDig doesn’t tell you us that the goal of the near earth asteroid researchers is to catalog at least 90 % of near earth asteroids of a .6 mile diameter within the next few years.

Therefore the 10% remaining remains minuscule but statistically significant and should not ever be completely ignored. It is true that there are much more important things to worry about. While I don’t personally believe that we will be hit by an asteroid, the possibility does minimally exist.

And while Jupiter remains the proverbial comet and asteroid sweeper of the solar system, few scientists thought they would witness the spectacular event of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9’s impact with our largest planetary neighbor.

So worry about the kids getting a great education, that the government will screw up our lives, about snake bites, diseases, accidents, lightning strikes, Global Warming, the Yellowstone Caldera and the Large Hadron Collider. Worry less about that really big comet or asteroid that is supposed nail our planet within the next few centuries.

19 11 2008
Lorenzo Z.

Let’s nuke the bastard!!!

9 12 2008

HOrrible day! Don’t lose hopes to stay alive. Might be the earth will not be distroyed! Might be the asteroid will not show itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 12 2008

HOrrible day! Don’t lose hopes to stay alive. Might be the earth will not be destroyed! Might be the asteroid will not show itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 12 2008

it is very exellant.i want comlete deatails of nibru.

5 01 2009

an excerpt – “every time the Asteroid passes earth it’s distance changes without warning (like 2004) Nasa had predicted it would pass at 1.5 million miles when itn fact it came much closer at 963,000 miles…which indicates its trajectory is being changed every time it pass Earths gravitational pull\field”

So unfirtunately we won’t really know …until its probably too late ……

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