Humans are Anunnaki SLAVES?!

10 05 2008

Digg!When I read this, I was just as shocked as you probably are right now. I found a video that details this information in a more structured way than the article I read. The video is from the FOX 13 News Channel during an interview with Lloyd Pye, a well known Planet X researcher. The interview really gets interesting around 5:00 mins into it when Mr. Pye begins to talk about Planet X and its inhabitants, the Anunnaki.

He begins to say that Darwinism is a joke due to the inability for Darwinism to explain how the first life forms (bacteria or prokaryotes) came about. I sort of understand where hes going with this due to a phenomenon called the “domino effect”. To briefly explain this, if one has a set of dominoes laid out on a table in a particular pattern, the desired effect of the dominoes falling won’t occur unless theres a beginning force to push over the first domino. This can be analogous to Newton’s First law of Motion where an object in a state, will stay in that state unless acted on by an external force.

Back to Planet X and the Anunnaki… Mr. Pye then begins to say how the Anunnaki seeded this planet when they last visited in order to create a inferior race to later make as SLAVES for their own purposes. He mentions the Book of Genesis where man was created in the image of God where he refers to the Anunnaki as God and we, as humans, were created in the image of the Anunnaki. There are several other ideas Mr. Pye goes into in the video… please watch and let me know what you think (leave a comment)

Here is another video about the same information.  This version is more formal and better quality.  They both have good information.




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