Norway is preparing for 2012, are you prepared?

6 05 2008

Digg!In an article in National Geographic, Norway has begun preparations for impending doom in 2012. It can be implied by the article that Norway believes there will be a major catastrophe to occur in 2012 and in order to preserve our current way of life, Norway has created a “doomsday seed bank”. Yes, thats correct… that is Norway’s official name for their global seed bank. The ultimate goal is for the continued survival of plant species if (or when) there is a global disaster. This storage of crops/seeds will ensure regrowing of plants after the disaster and ultimately lead to the continued survival of human beings. If Norway is preparing for 2012 doomsday, shouldn’t you?

Single entrance of Norways “Doomsday” seed vault. Image taken from National Geographic

Main Tunnel of Seed Vault. Image taken from National Geographic


Refrigerated cooling units to keep vaults between -20 and -10 degrees Celsius.
Image taken from National Geographic

Taken from

Deep in Norway’s frozen Svalbard archipelago sits a high-tech facility that could save the world. If global catastrophes like asteroid impacts or disease pandemics were to strike, seeds stored in this first ever “doomsday” vault would ensure that humans could regrow the crops needed for survival.

These crops, researchers say, are the raw genetic materials needed for breeders to adapt the global food supply to survive climate change, water and energy shortages, and even shifts in food preferences.

The trust is the leading force behind the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a repository built by the Norwegian government to store backup copies of as many as three million different crop varieties.

Currently about 1,400 seed banks are in operation worldwide, each serving as a genetic library for anywhere from a handful to several thousand different crop varieties.

The Norway vault will collect samples from local banks in so-called black boxes. These packages will stay unopened in the Svalbard facility unless the need arises for a variety that is otherwise used up or wiped out.

The mission is crucial, Fowler noted, because the stored seeds provide researchers with the raw genetic materials needed to adapt the global food supply to survive climate change as well as water and energy shortages.

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5 responses

6 05 2008

there so many leyends about 2012 but the mayan calendar ends in this date. Maybe theres something the common human beings dont know but its real and soon.

6 05 2008

Good Point.

Many World Governments are preparing for 2012, whether it be through the Norway Doomsday Seed Vault, United States HAARP Facility, or even the Doomsday Ark. There are probably PLENTY of other governments doing something for 2012 but we haven’t heard about them yet…

Could all this preparation be a coincidence amongst Major Governments? or is there something they aren’t telling us to “PROTECT” us?

Now that I think of it… The HAARP facility is for the control of mass panic, hysteria, and chaos while the seed vault/Ark ensures the re-population of the earth… could the governments be working together to solve this 2012 crisis?

Tell me what you think.. (I bet they have had a top secret meeting about 2012… i wouldn’t be surprised)

7 05 2008
Jonny Axelsson

It is much more mundane than that. It is nothing but a backup of existing seed banks, which frankly is required. The losses in many such banks are unacceptably high. The “doomsday” monicker is part marketing and part that Svalbard is an extremely safe location for a seed bank. Sure, a meteroid could strike the Arctic island, but then the other seed banks would be intact. Destroying all of them would take pretty much a doomsday.

8 05 2008

I do agree with you Jonny that the seed banks are necessary but do you think there is an underlying reason for the abundance of seed banks being created across the globe in recent years?

Also, what are your thoughts about the Lunar seed bank? Is this just another backup? Here is a LINK to that post if you have not read it yet.

Thank you for your comment.

13 05 2008

yea, why not in 2009?
then i wont have to graduate…..-_-”’

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