Book of Revelations: Insight into 2012 Doomsday

19 04 2008

Digg!The bible is a vast library of information, especially in the book of revelations. After further analysis of the Book of Revelations, one may argue that it predicts the precursors of Doomsday.

Do the passages directly predict 9/11?

Do the passages foretell environmental changes?

Is the Bible preparing us for the return of the Lamb of God?




2 responses

20 04 2008
David J

Holy Cr*p… thanks.

11 10 2008

especially the mormon’s trash.I don’t know where in hell you guys come to these conclusions &make a garbage book out of it for sinners who wants to fall deep in to sin every sinners who are dead in sin looking for a filty name that call religion to support their ways.but the thing about it when you people goes that 6 feet under and your souls plunged down in the place of silence where witchcraft people like my dad get access to your soul thru satan to do evil with. there is no way to look for something or someone to defend you.stop all these garbages ways you people call penticostal, 7 days adventist, baptist,whatever name satan put in your heart catholic I find all your works filthy nothing good about any of you.since I became born again 19yrs ago I visited you all except muslim,which I know is demon excuses name to kill without mercy,I didn’t have to visit mormon because they have another book besides the bible I knew the other book is satan’s letter I will never open anything like that to read it that’s an impossibility. jaybaba eyewitness just by reading the outside of their books &have a few talk with with those lost souls.I would’nt step one foot in their place of worship.if you want to fool me only one book to use the KING JAMES BIBLE NEW AND OLD TESTAMENT AND ONLY SPIRITUAL MEANING,If you think of explaining the bible to me like the word water, bread,you can’t explain it with spiritual meaning I won’t even speak to you for 1minutes.since the first day JESUS introduced himself to me.I am born again,GOD didn’t give a chance to look for him thru garbage since day one my heart automatically rejected lies.and my heart rejoices when I heard truth.which there is one place to hear truth is from HAROLD CAMPING on family radio point blank.

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