Top 10 Space Conspiracy Theories includes 3 Dooms Day Related Theories

13 04 2008

Digg!I found an interesting article about the TOP 10 Space conspiracy theories, surprisingly, 3 of the 10 showed relevance to 2012 apocalypse. One may argue that if its one of the major space conspiracies, it must have significant scientific and/or professional support. Although this article isn’t fairly in-depth about each Space Conspiracy theory, it shows proof of concept.
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Theory 1: Shifting Poles

Some people believe that the Earth’s North and South poles weren’t always located where they are now. They believe the Earth once rotated on a different axis. Others say that the Earth always rotated about its polar axis, but that the Earth’s crust shifts so that the land located at each pole changes. Climate change, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions result from stresses on the Earth’s crust during the shift. Some claim that the Earth will soon experience another dramatic polar shift, and that, as a result, entire continents might sink while new ones emerge from the sea.

pole shift.
Image courtesy Kenai National Wildlife
A CLEAR indication that over the years,

a slight yet gradual shift in the poles HAVE occurred

­­The polar shift hypothesis enters the worl­d of conspiracy theories when some claim that top governments and scientists know of the impending shift but refuse to share the information with the public. Supposedly, they’re keeping it a secret to avoid causing a panic.

Theory 2: 2012 and the End of the World
We can blame it all on the Mayans. They created the Long Count Calendar, a time measurement system that had spiritual significance to their culture. They organized their calendar into several cycles, the last of which will end in December 2012. Some people think the Mayans had discovered that after 2012, the world would end.

There are dozens of theories about how this might happen. Some claim that 2012 is when the Earth will experience a polar shift (see above). Others say that after 2012, the Earth will experience a period of terrible destruction followed by a new age of peace and enlightenment. A few claim that in 2012, a secret government will accomplish its goal of total world domination. What will actually happen? Check back with us on Jan. 1, 2013.

Theory 3: Planet X

Does our solar system contain a giant, unnamed planet? It does, according to the Planet X theory. This theory says that our solar system has a 10th planet (if you count Pluto as a planet, otherwise the mystery planet is no. 9). The planet is supposed to be enormous and on an orbital path that will bring it close to Earth soon. Proponents of this theory cite earthquake and weather data as evidence of this planet’s growing influence on Earth. They also claim that the government is forcing observatories to close to keep the planet’s approach secret and prevent panic. Several astronomers have said that there’s no evidence for the Planet X theory, and that if the planet did exist, humans would be able to see it even without a telescope.

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13 04 2008

I like article. I see same theory in my country. Please send more. Thank you. T.F

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